Age groups

Ready Steady Go Kids defines classes on the basis of age and structures class content accordingly. We offer classes for the following ages:

Get Ready (1.5 to 2.5 years old)

For this age group, we currently run programmes only at childcare and kindergartens. The focus is on the toddlers’ spatial and body awareness, as well as getting them moving and active. There are still elements of sport during each lesson as we build their knowledge base as well and give them exposure to variety of equipment and skills.

Steady (3-4 years)

Participants are more easily able to listen to and follow instructions and as such a greater focus is placed upon development of gross motor skills (through both locomotor and non-locomotor activities), fine motor skills (through hand-eye and foot-eye activities) and balance and posture. A greater emphasis is placed upon the sport being covered each week. We do encourage further independence at this stage and therefore parental involvement is not a requirement. However, parental involvement is always welcomed at Ready Steady Go Kids classes if you choose.

Go (4-6 years)

This group is more advanced with a significantly faster pace of teaching and more challenging activities introduced. Time is spent refining existing skills and there is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the sports covered in the programme. Upon leaving the Go group participants will be ready to actively participate in a variety of sports in primary school and beyond. Children will have gained confidence in their abilities and have a positive attitude towards being active and healthy.