Awards and Testimonials


Ready Steady Go Kids’ multi-sport programme is built into our core curriculum to enable our children to participate in a range of sporting activities. Not only is the programme structured and fun, their trainers are also very engaging with a genuine love for children. They look forward to their weekly sessions; being able to try out different sports and games outdoors!

- Li-Anne, Director of Two by Two Schoolhouse

Ariana really enjoys the class. We love that she is able to try different sports and letting her decide which ones she likes more than others. We also notice how much more confident she is and her motor skills have improved tremendously. Most importantly, we love seeing how happy she is!

- Shirin

E has a lot of fun and loves his Sunday mornings at Bukit Timah. We see continuous improvement in his abilities in each of the sports. I would highly recommend Ready Steady Go Kids to anyone wanting their young children to learn about and get interested in sports. The teachers are really enthusiastic and help each child to develop at their own pace.

- AW

I was looking for a sports programme for toddlers and was glad I chanced upon Ready Steady Go Kids! Although the class session lasts for a seemingly brief 45 minutes, it is packed with a variety of sports and skills (motor, social and emotional). The trainers take time to get to know and understand the children; their enthusiasm and commitment towards the children are highly commendable.


I chose Ready Steady Go Kids because we like that it’s a multi-sport programme. My boys get to participate in different sports every two weeks. They really enjoy coming for classes as they are structured and fun! Their eye-hand coordination and physical skills have also improved.

- FL

Ready Steady Go Kids was exactly what we were looking for – a multi-sport programme that is fun and structured for our 2.5 year old as well as our 4.5 year old. Not only do they get exposed to a wide range of sports, they also get to work on a range of motor skills. The children enjoy themselves and look forward to class every week. They have also started to express their own individual interests in some of the sports. Thank you Ready Steady Go Kids!

- Rachael Tang